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. Oct 2, 2020 · If you want to relinquish your parental rights, tell the other parent that you are willing to do so during the step-parent adoption proceedings.



Relinquishing one's rights and duties as a parent in Texas can be easier said than done. May 19, 2022 · Let me serve as a legal advocate working on behalf of you and your child. .

• asking the parent to sign a relinquishment of parental rights to be held for future termination, dependent on the parent performing certain acts; • implying or making.

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Note: We are often asked for forms for filing a general termination of parental rights case. Because state law already grants parents.

If you live in one of these Texas counties, then reach out to me right away to discuss your situation.


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For instance, a parent can bring a suit to terminate their own parental rights.

If one of these grounds exists, then the Court or a Jury has the ability to terminate rights.

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If a father doesn't voluntarily sign the statement, the state will go to court to establish that he is the father and collect child support.